Informations About Me

Hajimemashite, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Kon'nichiwa!
Watashi wa Boxu-Chan desu ne. ♡

Okay okay, that's pretty much everything on my level, I cant go any further in Japanese...

So.. Hello! I'm Boxu, a French student debuting as VTuber on Twitch still without a 3d model but I'm working on trying to make myself one! ♡
As for YouTube, I'll be trying to make videos as well whenever I get a working model and the good configuration to record some!

When I was little, I started dreaming about become an idol in real life, and so on, I've been working for 6 years on my dancing and singing. ♡
After acknowledging the existence of VTubers, I've started to hope to reach my dream virtually and it has now been 5 years since I've started YouTube and then Twitch, working on trying to get myself a supportive community forward my long time dream. ♡

Past Experiences

I pastly worked for eSport Gaming Teams as a Graphic Designer forward the making of their logos, banners and such: Learn More...

Afterwards, I've started coding Discord Bots, firstly for myself to learn it all, then for small servers to have their own customized little one: Learn More...

Then came the day I for some reasons wanted to try out making a radio station, didn't really end well to be honest: Learn More...

After this all was done, I've started the making of a huge Discord Bot project called Sheikcord: Learn More...

Besides these experiences, I've tried to code a website to gather intel about me on the Internet and this is one of my attempts to it and at the end, I've finally worked on trying out digital art after buying myself a graphic tablet: Learn More...

Upcoming Future

As in my future, I have several dreams and projects I wish would realize.

First of all, my main dream was to become an idol, so on, I might try to take a step back into Twitch forward continuing to try toward this goal.

Next comes Sheikcord, I've started this Discord Bot with a friend back then, but because of lazyness and being short on time, we have stopped the progress, I would like to be able to continue and maybe finish it.

Afterwards comes the concept idea I've had for my very own game's creation since a long time. I've forever dreamed of being able to make a game and have my name inside the credits, which is one out of two of the game industry dreams I've had, the other one being to be able to continue the NieR license, held by Square Enix.

I think that's all for now pretty much.

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